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If you’re the sort of person who likes free-flowing Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. , capably executed offensive football, last Sunday’s game between the Jets and Dolphins was not for you.If you’re the sort of person who likes to watch a punter do his job well, you likely enjoyed the game a lot more. Nine Dolphins possessions ended with a punt in a 13-6 win that saw the defense provide the only touchdown and punter Matt Haack did his best to ensure the Jets would have long fields to travel.The Jets’ best starting field position of the game was their own 25-yard line and they reached that spot off of kickoffs. Every one of Haack’s punts, which averaged 44.7 yards over the course of the afternoon, left the Jets starting drives at or inside their own 20-yard-line.Haack Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. , who also held on two field goals and an extra point, has been named the AFC special teams player of the week as a result of that effort. The Dolphins are trying to create a Patriots-like culture, that much is clear.And the first of what figures to be many former Patriots to move to South Florida made it clear upon his arrival that his job is more than catching passes and making blocks.Via Adam Beasley of the , tight end Dwayne Allen said he plans to try to add a presence the Dolphins that they may have lacked in the past.“Obviously, I would like to say that I’m a positive presence in the locker room Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. ,” Allen said. “I definitely know how culture is developed and enforced on the players in the locker room. It’s set by the head coach and reinforced by the guys in the locker room. Hopefully I can be an agent of change in that respect.”After hiring coach Brian Flores and a number of assistants with Patriots ties, the emphasis was clear. Making Allen their first major acquisition (with a two-year, $7 million contract) underscored the plan.The 29-year-old Allen has been a blocker lately, with just 13 receptions the last two years in New England. But he had 80 catches and 15 touchdowns the previous three seasons with the Colts, so there’s a possibility he could become more of a factor in that area.“It’s my hope to go out there and prove that I can be an every-down player Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. ,” he said. “I think my time around the league has displayed my ability to do things really well.”The Dolphins need all the help they can get, as they try to build something resembling their division rivals.

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