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While the Cowboys still have a lot of work to do, week four
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Cowboys rookie report: Leighton Vander Esch Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. , Connor Williams perform well in week four win Thanks to a game-winning drive from Dak Prescott and a special performance by Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys pulled out a crucial victory on Sunday over a Detroit Lions team that was coming off a win over the New England Patriots. was certainly a big step in the right direction.As mentioned above, Dak played well and so did Zeke. DeMarcus Lawrence got to Matthew Stafford three different times and Byron Jones continues to excel at cornerback. But, how did the rookies look?Let’s take a look at the first-year Cowboys that saw playing time on Sunday afternoon.Leighton Vander EschWe all know that there was certainly a mixed reaction, to put it lightly, when Roger Goddell walked out onto the stage inside AT&T Stadium and announced that the Cowboys would pick Boise State linebacker Leighton Vander Esch with the 19th pick of the draft — especially with the perceived needs elsewhere, such as wide receiver and offensive line; however — at least through four games — Vander Esch is doing his best to silence his critics one tackle at a time.The rookie linebacker has been one of the more impressive players on a defensive unit that has performed mostly well through four games in 2018. LVE did not see many snaps against the Panthers in week one, but he still managed to record three tackles. From there, it’s only gotten better: seven tackles (all solo and no misses) versus the Giants in a week two victory and then 11 total tackles up in Seattle against the Seahawks.How would the rookie play without Sean Lee leading the charge this past week? Well, we got our answer on Sunday. LVE again put together a solid performance in a crucial win, making six stops — including some impressive tackles in the open-field — versus Detroit.Exhibit A:Exhibit B:In a game in which Dak Prescott and the offense moved up and down the field and in which DeMarcus Lawrence added three more sacks to his total, Leighton Vander Esch was someone that stood out.Connor WilliamsThe rookie offensive guard has played well in three consecutive games after having some trouble against the Panthers front in week one. The Texas product possesses a unique blend of size and athleticism Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. , which made it surprising to see the 6-foot-5, 296-pound fall out of the first-round back in April.Williams has performed well as a run-blocker for the Cowboys in recent weeks. Dallas loves to use his athleticism to pull and get out in front of Zeke so that 21 can find a running lane and burst through it. Or, he can help in the run game by doing this:The rookie only gave up one pressure in the week four victory and has been a strong contributor in the interior of the line through four games.Michael GallupThe hype surrounding the third-round rookie wide receiver has been high from Cowboys and even from some that follow the draft; however, the Colorado State product had yet to really show anything impressive entering last Sunday’s game versus Detroit.Then, Dak Prescott threw a dime in Gallup’s direction, and the rookie hauled the pass in for a 37-yard gain to set up a score in the first quarter on Sunday.Gallup finished with two grabs for 45-yards in week four — not numbers that are going to win you your fantasy league by any means, but a step in the right direction for the rookie wideout that is looking to make his presence felt on this offense.Dorance Armstrong Jr.Finally, there is a Dorance Armstrong. The rookie pass rusher has shown some flashes of his potential during the early parts of this season, making a pair of stops in week one and blowing up the line of scrimmage once against the Giants. Behind some guy by the name of DeMarcus Lawrence at defensive end, Armstrong does not have many opportunities to get his name in the box score, but he did add an assisted tackle versus the Lions while making the most of his snaps behind Tank and the other talented ends that is on the Dallas roster.We’ll see how the former Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year progresses throughout his rookie season in the Big D. Should we be concerned about the lack of clarity over who will call the offensive plays for the Dallas Cowboys this season, and just how that will be done? It has been an entire week since Scott Linehan became the ex-offensive coordinator for the team. Jon Kitna has been hired with no official title announced. He is expected to become the new quarterbacks coach, while Kellen Moore will move up to be the new OC. Doug Nussmeier is in the mix with an expectation of larger Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. , yet still undisclosed responsibilities. And after some early reports that Jason Garrett would take over play-calling, that seems to no longer be Plan A. But no one has yet handed out a wiring diagram showing how this will all work. There is a sense of disquiet in social media over the uncertainty.Maybe we need to borrow a line from the old Cowboys killer himself, Aaron Rodgers, and R-E-L-A-X. It is a long time until Dallas plays a game that matters. Despite the assumption that a clearly defined organizational chart is required, teams with this level of change often take a while to figure it out.If you want a historical precedent for not having the play-calling methodology fully delineated at the start of the season by the Cowboys, you have to go all the way back to . . . September 2018.And with this came another unexpected development, as Moore became a go-between for his OC and QB Dak Prescott. In Prescott’s own words:It seemed odd at the time to have a brand-new coach with no previous experience become the middleman in the OC-to-QB communications chain. Now, the expected scenario of Moore being the new OC and likely handling the play calls has not cut out the middleman - it has cut out the guy above and moved the middleman up the food chain.That awkward-seeming arrangement now has had an unintended (perhaps) consequence of getting Moore much more involved in the game plan and play-calling last season. It also may have been a small part of the calculation that Moore is up for the job despite his callowness. It will be interesting to see how Moore winds up handling the play calls as is expected. Will he remain on the sidelines or work from the booth? The addition of Kitna and the presence of Nussmeier makes either option more workable. Since both are quarterbacks, either could be the one upstairs, looking over the field and relaying what they see from the defense to Moore. Or Kitna could be the one face-to-face with Prescott on the sidelines while Moore views the big picture for himself.This may be something the team will experiment with during the first couple of preseason games. And the aforementioned experience Moore gained being in the literal middle of things last year could make things go a bit faster than if he was completely new to the organization. Meanwhile, Garrett’s stance of not talking about all this is not hard to understand. After all, he precipitated quite the furor when he spoke about Linehan’s future right after the Cowboys were bounced from the playoffs. Fans and the media alike want answers, but in this case Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir. , the team itself does not seem to have come up with conclusive ones yet. And that is probably no real issue at all. They have months to sort it out, and hopefully get it right. This is, after all, a new mix of voices. As has been noted before, the OC role may incorporate a much more collaborative nature than existed with Linehan, with more input from both above and below than he allowed. That includes Prescott himself, who has clearly expressed a high comfort level with Moore.This subject will not be closed until we see how things happen in those preseason games, and it may be the season opener before it is truly clear. What really matters is how the offense performs, however the roles and organization chart shake out. We may not like to wait. But we have to. Linki görebilmek için giriş yapmanız ya da üye olmanız gerekir.
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